Friday, February 23, 2007

Laptop repair spyware removal

When you talk about Computer repair laptop repair,notebook repair,one of the topics
that typically comes up is Spyware,adware,and firewalls.There are a lot of computers out there surfing the internet and dont even have a firewall configured.Most laptop
repairs,computer repairs occur because a laptop has been invaded by pesty spyware.
spayware/lack of a good firewall will slow your computer down to a crawl and even damage your computer,corrupting vital files.If you dont have a good firewall you will surely need your laptop repaired soon.Peer guardian is a free open source firewall that is absolutley astonishing.Automaticly shutting down thousands of known TCP UDP ports
known for attacks.This awesome tool is free.I will share the link shortly.
Laptop repairs can be minimized if we just protect our computers.
A well known free spyware remover is spybot-we will provide a link for this aswell.

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