Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Laptop Repair Replace hard drive

You went to fire up your Laptop.You get a Message Operating system not found.Whats your next move.Okay you try to boot the computer from safe mode,You here a clicking sound coming from your computer.These are symptoms of a faulty harddrive.Hopefully you backed up your files.If you have your files safely backed up and have your re-install disk this might not be as bad as it looks.Now if you are comfortable with repairing your laptop this could be a fairly easy fix with the resources found on this site such as laptop repair manuals,Computer repair manuals.We have links to Dell Laptop repair Manuals,HP Laptop repair manuals,Toshiba Laptop Repair manuals,Acer Laptop repair manuals and new links added daily.Good luck with your laptop computer repair.

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