Saturday, February 24, 2007

Laptop Repair Notes

A laptop is a simple and compact computer. Yet, its compactness is the reason for its intricacies and complications. For instance, while most normal PCs have a mother board that has different ports for different other components of the computer to be attached, a laptop on the other hand, has a mother board that has a lot of things that are built into it, instead of sections where other parts can be attached. An example here can be given of a sound card, which often comes as a separate part for older PCs and has to be attached to the motherboard of a computer. However, the sound and video display card is integrated with the mother board in case of the laptop.

It is for these reasons that the motherboard is perhaps the most important part of a laptop after the processor. It is also not easy to repair a laptop motherboard because of its immense intricacies. While repairing a motherboard one has to be extremely careful and cautious.

Whenever a problem is arises with a motherboard, one should not take the risk of repairing it themselves since if it is not done properly it can lead to irreparable damage to the entire laptop. It is usually safe to approach a dealer of a laptop for the repair of its motherboard. They have technicians who have an expertise in dealing with laptop motherboard problems and can make the right diagnosis and carry out repairs.
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Friday, February 23, 2007

Laptop repair spyware removal

When you talk about Computer repair laptop repair,notebook repair,one of the topics
that typically comes up is Spyware,adware,and firewalls.There are a lot of computers out there surfing the internet and dont even have a firewall configured.Most laptop
repairs,computer repairs occur because a laptop has been invaded by pesty spyware.
spayware/lack of a good firewall will slow your computer down to a crawl and even damage your computer,corrupting vital files.If you dont have a good firewall you will surely need your laptop repaired soon.Peer guardian is a free open source firewall that is absolutley astonishing.Automaticly shutting down thousands of known TCP UDP ports
known for attacks.This awesome tool is free.I will share the link shortly.
Laptop repairs can be minimized if we just protect our computers.
A well known free spyware remover is spybot-we will provide a link for this aswell.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Laptop Repair

Stumble upon a awesome laptop repair site.This site offers several instructions on
Dell Laptop repair,computer repairs,online computer repair.Awesome starting point if you are new at computer repair,laptop repair.
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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Laptop Repair Replace hard drive

You went to fire up your Laptop.You get a Message Operating system not found.Whats your next move.Okay you try to boot the computer from safe mode,You here a clicking sound coming from your computer.These are symptoms of a faulty harddrive.Hopefully you backed up your files.If you have your files safely backed up and have your re-install disk this might not be as bad as it looks.Now if you are comfortable with repairing your laptop this could be a fairly easy fix with the resources found on this site such as laptop repair manuals,Computer repair manuals.We have links to Dell Laptop repair Manuals,HP Laptop repair manuals,Toshiba Laptop Repair manuals,Acer Laptop repair manuals and new links added daily.Good luck with your laptop computer repair.

Laptop Repair Support

I am a Comptia A+ Certified Computer Technician with over 10 years of Computer Repair,Laptop Repair expierence.I wanted to start this Blog to share my expertise in the Computer repair Laptop Repair industry.Okay enough talking lets get down to computer repair,laptop repair.We will share all of our resources,information,lnks,e-books so that you can get that laptop computer repaired now..Feel free to email me for Tech Support at:

Here is another Laptop manual link for replacing repair laptop hard drives.

Laptop hard drive removal

Laptop Repair Manuals Links

Lets start out with some really good links to repair manuals for the more advance users..Please dont attempt repair unless you are 100% sure you can perform the repair.
I am going to provide my email address for Tech support if you neeed any help for Laptop repair support.The laptop repair manuals include,
Toshiba laptop repair,sony laptop repair,acer laptop repair,dell laptop repair IBM laptop repair,HP LAPTOP REPAIR..and this list will grow larger..

Here is the Link for Laptop repair manuals..
laptop repair manuals