Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Your total arsenal in the war against spyware

Okay we have talked about spyware removers,hijakthis logs and other trusted spyware removal tools.But one important element of the war against spyware is a good firewall.If you are surfing the internet right now and you are not using a firewall-I can promise you have spyware malware or spyware trojans lurking on your computer.A good firewall protect your by locking out the unwanted spyware rogue programs out of your system.Just think of the doors and windows in your house.You keep those doors and windows locked most of the time for safety.Your computer has 100's of doors and windows
that a hacker can use to gain access if you dont keep them locked.They scan your computer to find out what doors and windows are open.These doors and windows are called ports.Each port has a uniqe number example TCP port 80 or UDP port 110.Some doors and windows are used so that we may surf the internet,send email,use ftp etc.Other doors and windows are used by hackers to gain access to your system.We will post a list of known ports-or doors used by the hackers later,but for know make sure you have a good firewall running on your system-the most important tool in the war against spyware.

Here is the Firewall we recommend.
ofcourse its free.

peer gurdian firewall


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